Events Paris photograph

Events Paris photograph

Make your events a lever for your communication, to make it even more effective thanks to high quality images.

You gathered your clients, your partners, your co-workers, or medias for an important event.

Nothing more disappointing than not having images that highlight the strength of your activity.

By using  a professional Corporate photograph, it is the insurance of having unforgettable souvenirs, with a succeeded communication thanks to unique visuals illustrating this project.

For your events photos, with Sylvain Renard, you will be in good hands :

  • Various events in very different contexts
  • Photos matching your brief with creativity
  • The discretion during the preparation of the event, people forget my presence for more spontaneous photos
  • The possibility to correct quickly photos for a fast diffusional at the end of your event, or to grow your Twitter account in live.
  • Mobile geographically with a large choice of schedules.

The photos’ performances during an event:

Examples of performances possible during an event :

  • Photos of reports during an event ( conference, seminar, congress,trade show, meeting of the executive committee, laughed of products, inauguration of new promises, party, cocktail, follow-up of construction, renovation, enterprise’s anniversary, press conference, presentation of wishes…),
  • Portrait photos, photos for an organizational chart,
  • Retrieval of the photos on-the-spot, so guesses can leave with a souvenir,
  • Photocall,
  • Photos animations,
  • Training and initiation of photography,
  • Teambuilding…
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To capture the moment

During an event, the organizers are used to be fully dedicated to the guesses. Le lights conditions are often an issue to control for a beginner. But, you still want to keep a strong mark of this important moment which might represent a high investment.

With the knowledge and experience, Sylvain Renard learnt how to master with these parameters.

To be at the right place in the right moment, to be reactive, to get forgotten  while being present and available.

What he likes the most is when a photo gives the impression of « being in it », when we can hear a laugh just by seing it, when well captured moment counts a story.

Coordinate a group photo with a dozen different behaviors, personalities, with VIPs or work on 2000 images within a few hours to realize an image databases, where the press will be able in a few seconds to find photo they need, here is some of the reasons that justify the need of a professional  photograph.

If the photos are not well, … impossible to remake the event.

With Sylvain Renard, you are in good hands to succeed your professional event.