Packshot photographer

Packshot photographer

You invested in R&D, imagined new wonderful products, great, but for now you have to attract new customers.

    • How to sublimate your products, without cheating?
    • How to put forward the assets of your offer?
    • How to give to your commercial team the ways to sell the fastest ?

For your packshot, photos of products, with Sylvain Renard, you are in good hands :

• The experience of this type of photos in highly varied business sectors

• The knowledge of the business world and its drawbacks

• The advice for different photos, with a strong visual impact

• Photos which can be realized in my studio or in your premises 

• Images respecting  your specifications while bringing some creativity

• Mobile geographically and flexible on schedules

The photo of product does not act as itself.

To show the product under all its aspects. Your customers need beautiful photos which show the product under various angles.

Photos in 360 degrees allow to make the product turn and so see him under each sides.
Stop motion allows to see the assembly of a product step by step which reduce a big part of your hot line calls.

Respect colors

The respect of colors is also a major point especially for the E-commerce. If the delivered product doesn’t have the same color of the one ordered on the web , if it is lighter, or darker, or in a slightly different shade, there is a risk of a return tot he lead of the seller.
 Multiplying by the number of return, it can be very expensive at the end of the year that is why it is more interesting to call a professional of the image.
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