Photograph for professional portraits

Photograph for professional portraits

Human being is the heart of the enterprise :

  • How to highlight the Human capital?
  • How to create a solid link with the clients?
  • How to make your teams faithful and enhancing interactions between services?

Good quality portraits can be used for both your internal and external communications.

My major services in term of photos of portraits:

  • leaders portraits
  • individual portraits for intern organizational chart
  • partners and clients portraits
  • group photos, comex…
  • portraits for newspapers
  • portraits to illustrate the communication medias, your website, your activities reports,your  business pamphlets, your newsletter…
  • on the fly portraits, in action in your offices, on the ground, on your productions areas, in your research laboratories …
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More information

Why choosing a photograph corporate specialist and expert in doing portraits?

For your portraits, with Sylvain, you will be in good hands:

  • the experience of this type of shooting ( with various hundreds of photographs partners in portraits with poses, on the fly, individually, or by teams)
  • for the participants, making photoshoot a relaxing time with pleasure, to make this experience pleasant.
  • to restitute personality, leader charisma or dynamism of a team
  • control the lights,of the compositions, of the post-production
  • have good propositions to add originality to the shooting
  • be fast and effective
  • professional equipments (cases, lights, background images…) for unique images
  • mobile studio that can be installed in your premises to help your teams not losing time to be photographed
  • english speaking, i am confortable in an international context
  • on the move either in France and in foreign countries.
Sylvain Renard’s approach

It is not as easy to succeed a portrait.

Most of my client, are not confortable by the fact of being photographed. It is true that they are not professional models and that they are usually intimidated in front of the lens.

My approach is friendly and playful.

The clients are relaxed and finally like being in good hands, especially when I am, on certain projects, followed by a Makeup artist, a hairdresser, who are used to work on films shooting, TV studio set or fashion podium. That can bring a different atmosphere.

Indeed, be surrounded by professionals, who are effective and fast, you will be able to let you go, and advised to live a unique experience.

The work, already done for the style matching to suit anyone, allows us to be relax for the D day to make the session of portraits an nice moment.

At the end, you will be proud of the portrait photos that you will be able to use for your different communication supports ( newspapers, activities reports, social medias, networking(LinkedIn, Viadeo…).

To help realizing your project or to have more information, contact Sylvain Renard.