Photographs for personalized image banks

If you wish to cultivate your difference, you need to make it visible!

Each company, each professional, each local community has its own specificities. The way in which each institution does it is different. So why should you buy the same type of images as your competitors? SET YOURSELF APART!

Attract new audiences, new clients to come and meet you. SURPRISE THEM! Sylvain Renard takes original pictures which captivate without cheating. He works hand in hand with you or your communication agency to determine the best way to promote your activities, and thus create or complete your image bank which makes you unique.

You will then have the possibility to collect, from these series of images, the ones that will be used for your brochures, website, illustrations for your newsletters or magazines, your activity reports, your sales presentations, etc.

You are different, and with Sylvain Renard, people will see it.

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Portraits & Organisation Charts

Sylvain Renard’s approach, as a portrait photographer

Making a nice and successful portrait is not an easy task.

Most of Sylvain Renard’s clients do not like to be photographed. One can easily understand why they are often intimidated in front of the lens, not being professional models.

Sylvain has a friendly and playful approach. His clients feel confident and eventually enjoy being in safe hands, especially when, on some projects, he works with a makeup artist and a hairstylist who are used to working on film shoots, TV studios or fashion shows. It creates a special atmosphere.
Being surrounded by efficient expert professionals, you will actually be able to let yourself go, being advised to experience a unique moment.

The preparatory work on the best adapted type of photographs allows each person to arrive on d-day completely relaxed so that the portrait session eventually becomes a nice moment.

You will eventually enjoy exclusive photographs of which you will be proud; photographs that will be used in your various communication media (press packs, activity reports, professional social networks, such as LinkedIN, Viadeo, etc.).

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Products photos

The packshots or product photos in studio

The packshots or product photos made by Sylvain Renard are captured in his studio, located at the gateway to Paris or on his clients’ premises depending on projects.

The photos are meant to be used in catalogues, advertising brochures, or sales support materials.

360 degree product photographs are packshots mainly intended for e-commerce websites and sales support materials. These photos offer a clear view of the products, from various angles.

Animated photo sequences clearly show the different configurations allowing salespeople to work more easily and rapidly, and clients to buy more confidently. No risk of a nasty surprise!

This type of photography is particularly adapted for export markets and heavy or bulky items.

The photos of products notably include:

  • small items (jewellery, watches, leather goods)
  • textiles (clothes, accessories, shoes)
  • furniture or works of art
  • technical or industrial products
  • 3D design of products being developed
  • food for restaurants, catering professionals and reception places

Studio photography helps perfectly control lightings and colorimetry, so that the result perfectly renders the colors of the products.

For food or commercial photography in the studio, the objective is rather to create atmospheres, it is a whole staging.

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Reportage Photography at Your Events

Capture the best moments

Whatever the event (seminar, conference, cocktail dinner, inauguration, product launch, anniversary, incentive, press presentation, etc.), Sylvain Renard is here to catch the best, and often ephemeral, instants.

Here are some examples of possible presentations during your events:

  • Photographs of the event and its major moments in the form of a reportage
  • Portraits, organisation charts
  • Photo prints on site, so that your guests won’t leave without a souvenir
  • Photocalls: people pose with a printed canvas in the background, containing the visual identity of the company – i.e. the logo and slogan. There is also the possibility to create a setting where participants will be photographed
  • Training and initiation to photography
  • Teambuilding

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Photographs for Publication and Exhibition Purposes

Show a series of pictures in the form of a book or exhibition

Creating a series of pictures on a specific theme then allows presenting them in the form of a book or exhibition, which can become a touring exhibition.

Sylvain Renard, a professional photographer based in Paris, designs photographic books which will allow you to illustrate the major moments of an event.

The book format is also a means to retrace the history of a company, the development of a city or a territory. It is a wonderful advertising and communication medium which is often under-exploited because ignored.

Apart from the quality of Sylvain Renard’s pictures, the layout is also seminal importance in order to give meaning and a rhythm which will make reading more enjoyable.


As far as exhibitions are concerned, Sylvain Renard, a professional photographer based in the Ile-de-France region, is involved in the early stages of the decision process with his clients, so as to clearly define the desired stance, the chosen subject-matter, the way photographs will be presented (exhibition scenography), as well as the way one can give a second life to photos, notably canvas photographs.

This preparatory work, before the photo shootings, is crucial for the success of the exhibition. It thus allows to create a profitable and efficient event in terms of image and notoriety.

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