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  • Want to leave a testimony and keep records of an important event, and communicate on it ?
  • Why not turn to a professional photographer ?
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Catch the crucial instant

The light conditions are often difficult, organizers are often busy and have to be fully available for their guests.

When you invest a budget – which is often a substantial one – for your company events, it would be a shame to keep no record of them, and not to have images worthy of the emotion and dynamic you want to create for your guests.

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The photographer's job during the event

Sylvain Renard, a professional photographer based in the Ile-de-France region, is here to catch the best, often ephemeral, instants, and to make sure that your events remain memorable and unforgettable moments, whether seminars, conferences, congresses, the launching day of a new product or a meeting with your collaborators, distributors, etc.

Being present at the right place, at the right moment, with the right lighting, to catch the crucial instant can only be done by an experienced professional photographer, used to reportage and its specific conditions.

Inviting distinguished people, orators, speakers, VIPs of all nationalities to pose calmly for a couple of minutes, knowing how to make them feel confident and working smoothly to create quality official portraits cannot be improvised.

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Coordinating a group photograph with dozens of distinguished people and VIPs, or processing 2,000 pictures in a few hours to constitute an image bank where the press will be able to find the pictures they need – these are but a few reasons why the presence of an experienced professional photographer is necessary.

If the photos are not good… you won’t be able to organize your event again.
With Sylvain Renard, you’ll be in safe hands; there’ll be no room for mistakes.

The photo services during your event

Here are some examples of services available for your events:

  • reportage photography (conferences, seminars, congresses, professional tradeshows, product launching, opening of new premises, parties and cocktails, progress of construction projects, renovations, company anniversaries, press conferences, presentations of wishes, etc.).
  • portraits and organization charts
  • photo prints on site, so that your guests won’t leave without a souvenir
  • photocall
  • photo animations
  • training and initiation to photography
  • teambuilding

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The offered services

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