Sylvain Renard 

Corporate photographer

A long practice of photography

As a self-taught man, Sylvain Renard has been practicing photography for over 20 years. In 1996 he was a finalist in the “Concours du Meilleur Jeune Auteur” contest of the FFP (under 25 category), but at that time he preferred to work in the world of business rather than that of photography.

Working within different groups in the world of new technologies, at various levels of responsibility, Sylvain realizes that companies, whether small or big, lack the visual tools to promote their expertise and unify their teams. In 2009, having the opportunity to launch projects for clients in this field, he decides to become a professional photographer in the Paris area.

My creations

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My exhibitions

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My photo services

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His working business sectors and his profession

Sylvain Renard mainly works for companies, public institutions, communications and events agencies, as well as companies from the world of entertainment.

The photographer’s eye, his ability to highlight the human being as well as his artistic sensibility, are much appreciated as they bring an original and creative vision in terms of communication.

Sylvain also develops personal artistic projects at the same time and exhibits his work in galleries.

A known photographer

He acts in all the steps of the creation process of images, from the pre-production to the post-production, including photo shootings which can take place at the client’s premises, in his studio, in France or abroad.

Throughout his projects, Sylvain Renard had the opportunity to work with many actors from the communications sector.

He was able to surround himself with viable and proactive collaborators who share the same values as him and have a strong sense of quality at the right price, notably concerning the areas of video, website creation and printing.

Sylvain Renard can also help you save valuable time to carry out your projects.