More than 150 companies have already trusted me for the realization of their photos.

These companies are involved in multiple sectors, including :
Industry, products manufacturering, high tech, distribution, construction and public works, hotel and catering trade, social housing, finance, insurance, education and research, luxury sectors, communication…
No matter the size of these companies (liberal professions, start-up, major groups, regional and local authorities), what they appreciate the most in asking me to become their partner to work on their image, is :
  • the listening
  • the experience, the creativity
  • and the responsiveness to translate into images their expertise, to exhibit their teams, their achievements
The trust developed from our relationships and projects that we are undertaking from one year to the next allows them to win new assets in France and abroad, to hire new talents, to speed up their sale process, to build their firm’s image on the long term.
Beyond the quality of the pictures done, it’s my advise, my network of business partners, my reactivity and my engagement to promote my customers, that interest them.

Sylvain went with us for several high quality photographical reports. Beyond shots done with care, we did appreciate his data bank approach, allowing to predict various photography use. Vincent Fournout, CoFounder and manager of Meessage Business.

Vincent Fournout, CoFoundateur et dirigeant de Message Business

I appreciated Sylvain’s professionalism much in the importance given to the shot preparation, than to find the best angle and best light possible, as well as in his advice to make people feel comfortable and to gain a perfect portrait.
Frédéric Gaye, Natural reference consultant. Google Analyrics Individual Qualification Certified.

Frédéric Gaye, Consultant en référencement naturel. Certifié Google Analytics Individual Qualification

I called on Sylvain in order to constitute the « Memoiry » of BtoB events that took place in the Aveyron salon in Paris. Event shows photography is never easy, and I appreciate the artistic vision, the ability of listening to our requests and the big flexibility of Sylvain to capture images that will be the reference of the desired moment. Bravo.
Fabienne Bouviala, Founder and manager associate of Aveyron salon.

Fabienne Bouviala, Fondatrice et Directrice Associée Salons de l’Aveyron

It is as an interior designer that I have called on SR several times.
On one hand for report photos with inside views of my creations, where SR knew, in its own way, how to highlight each ambience, while respecting my biases of lighting, coloring, and materials of the project. Both are very natural with very sensitive nuances of the grey color and well dosed. SR’s shots show his professional and effective look over the whole realization cycle.
Alth PRIME, interior designer.

Aleth PRIME, Architecte d'intérieur

I am a counselor and trainer in self organization. I help overwhelmed people to get better organized at work as well as in their private lives. I also write practical guides published by Eyrolles. As I am self-employed, being recognized is key. I have a blog, I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Having a good communication consists of interesting content, right but it is not the only thing that matters. How can I attract people to call on me? There is when a good portrait matters. It is a sort of online visit card. Furthermore, journalists regularly ask me a portrait in order to illustrate their interviews.
Before encountering Sylvain, I only had a family picture, trimmed, poor light, not very professional. As he is used to work for companies, to cover events and to realize in motion portraits (and because we got along with each other), I asked Sylvain if he could do a set of photos of me.
Appointment set, we did it at a client’s house who kindly accepted to share its premises. I am not feeling confident in front of a camera and I don’t know how to pose. However, Sylvain succeeded at relaxing me and making me laugh. So from nervous and uncomfortable I got more and more relaxed. However, everything is going so fast without a minute lost. Sylvain comes with all of its equipment and tries different settings, and even asked me if he should bring different outfits for me. He talked all along with me while taking pictures. In half an hour it was done. A few days after, I have received my different photos, with some recommendations, black and white, colored, two different outfits… there is obviously one matching your expectations. I really like these photos. I use them all the time.
Laurence Einfal, JARA.

Laurence Einfalt, JARA